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Hair and Make Up Instructions  
Make Up - Here are some of my favorite video tutorials.  Please remember this is about a natural look only darker.  Neutral colors, berry shade lip stick, and mauve/berry shade blush.  Feel free to use what you have at home and expensive make up is not needed. 
Little Stars and Rising Stars Make Up

Natural Recital Makeup for Little Girls, Dancers, and/or Performers

JAM Cosmetics - Young Dancer/JAM Glam Look - Age Appropriate Dance & Stage Makeup

Competition Team, Upper Elementary, Middle, High and Adults. Make Up
JAM Cosmetics - Prima Diva Look - Dance & Stage Makeup Tutorial


Low Ballet Bun with Middle Part - On very damp hair thoroughly apply a thick gel to slick the hair and make it workable. After applying gel and with hair still damp, brush back and up and secure with hair elastic into a ponytail at the backof the head. Then, depending upon the length of the hair, twist in a circle around the elastic and secure all loose ends with bobby pins until there are no loose or unsecured areas of the bun. You may need more bobby pins for areas above ears or at the nape of the neck. Apply the headpiece or hat as instructed by the teacher. There are some nets, or bags that help with very long hair, but for the most part the manual method above is simple and reliable. THE SECRET: Work on very damp hair that is wet with gel. Then, let the hair dry after it has been put into the bun. Hairspray may be necessary even if enough gel has been applied.

JAM Cosmetics - Prima Diva Look - Dance & Stage Makeup Tutorial