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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our classes or offerings, please send us a message at  or text us at 502-794-6158

Enrollment and Tuition Questions

Our Enrollment is done through our Online Registration Portal.  This portal is what we use for enrollment, communication, class music and practice video links and forms.  


We also have an app for enrolled families that have push notifications as well.

What are your sessions?

Dance is a skill that is lost when not worked on. Because we firmly believe that consistancy builds joy in an activity, our schedule runs from Aug/Sept to May/June. - Once enrolled your class space is held each month.

How is Tution Structured

Classes are paid by the month.  If you enroll in a class that meets on Tuesdays at 5.  You will attend that class every Tuesday at 5.  Tuition is paid the first of the month for all of the classes in that month that fall on Tuesday.  If that class is one hour the tuition for the month is $55.  

Do you offer trials? 

We do offer trial classes.  Keep in mind though that each child explores a new activitity differently.  Some children run into class ready to go, others are apprehesive and may cry.  We recommend enrolling in a month to see how your child does and then reassess at the end of the month.  Rarely do we have a child not continue.

What Should my Child Wear?

We do have specific dress code during our school year classes.  We do allow other dance attire as well, but the dress code is our main uniform.  We use these for family observations, informal performances and community events.  

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