In Studio dance classes, are held in the traditional format.  Classes are limited to 8to 10 dancers.  Dancers get temperature checked at door and practice social distancing in the studio.  Personal props are used and facility is cleaned after each class and at the end of the night.

Dancers enrolled in studio classes have access to online and on demand classes.

Monthly Tuition - In Person Classes

30 Minute Class time- $45/month

45 Minute Class time- $50/Month

60 Minute Class time- $55/Month

75 Minute Class time- $62.50/Month

1 Hr 30 Minutes Class time- $75/Month

1 Hr 45 Minutes Class time-$80/Month

2 Hours Class time- $85/Month

2 Hours 15 Minute -$95/Month

2 Hours 30 Minutes - $105/Month

2 Hours 45 Minute - $110/Month

3 Hours - $115/Month

4 Hours - $130/Month

4.5 Hours- $145/Month

Live classes are held through Zoom and run concurrently with classes.  There is also a Stand Alone Class Schedule which are classes not held in person and solely done online. 

Dancers who enroll in Virtual classes only have class space held online and On Demand.  They cannot attend in person classes, unless they transer to in person.

Monthly Tuition - Virtual Classes

30 Minute Class- $36/month

45 Minute Class- $40/month

60 Minute Class- $44/Month

90 Minute Class- $60/Month

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